Dukan Diet Dangers


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September 30, 2013:
Is the Dukan Diet safe?.


Shellfish Issues:

Shellfish may contain a lot of iodine, and could be a danger when consumed due to mercury or disease problems. Many toxins in shellfish can be fatal or cause brain issues.

Are There Dangers In The Dukan Diet?

Health Risks May Occur In People With Dietary and Metabolic Issues

Dukan Diet Dangers may be present for people who are following this new health craze. Like any diet plan or weight loss program, it is important for individuals to consult with a physician before undertaking such a life-changing program. Because the 4 phase Dukan diet starts off almost exclusively with proteins like meat and shellfish, people should consider whether they have any food allergies or vitamin deficiencies that may be exacerbated by taking on this new diet. Additionally, for the phases where certain vegetables are introduced into the diet, people should consider that there may be considerations for vegetable intake as well.

For example, health authorities in Britain and France have warned that the imbalance present in the Dukan Diet can lead to kidney issues, nutritional deficiencies, and high cholesterol. Additionally, people starting the diet can experience flu-like symptoms as the body switches from carbs to protein. The lack of fruits in your diet may also mean you need to consider vitamin supplements.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nothing on this site is meant to imply that Dr. Dukan's diet is dangerous in iteslf. However, people with different nutritional needs or underlying health issues may react negatively to the foods outlined in this new weight loss regimen. Therefore, it always pays to consult with a physician. The real danger is ignorance.